Commonwealth Games - Netball going pear shape....


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Netball competition in doubt over security, organisation row
October 3, 2010 - 11:05AM

NEW DELHI: A top Commonwealth Games netball official complained on Saturday that referees have been left without uniforms or money for food in a row threatening to derail the tournament.

Another high-ranking official reportedly warned fixtures will not go ahead if a raft of security, transport and organisational problems are not addressed by midnight on Sunday.

Tournament referee Lindy Murphy said: "Security has become so tight that we can't get in items such as pens, mobile phones, coins, and today my asthma pump was nearly taken off me."

Tens of thousands of paramilitary troops and police have been deployed in New Delhi carrying out armed foot patrols and manning bunkers amid a huge security operation for the Games.

All event facilities are surrounded by high walls and barbed wire fences, while security officials stop and search vehicles at strategic locations across the city.

Murphy, netball's technical delegate to the Games, said buses were arriving late to pick up match officials from their hotels and were getting lost on their way to the Thyagaraj Sports Complex or not turning up at all.

"Technical official uniforms are not ready and at this point in time we have no uniforms to officiate in," she said.

"Our technical officials have also not been given a per diem (allowance), so they have no money for meals."

Murphy, an Australian, said volunteers and other workers were also having trouble getting into the stadium.

Another netball official told the New Zealand Press Association that the whole event, due to start Monday, was under threat.

"We've threatened a whole lot of things and if we don't get them by midnight tomorrow the competition won't be starting on Monday," said the official, who was not named.

Netball has been a Commonwealth sport since 1998 when Australia won gold in Kuala Lumpur, defeating New Zealand.

The tournament also features India, Malawi, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, South Africa and Barbados.
Rather think they are missing a few teams there. If the Nettie doesn't go ahead I would hate to be to tell the Aussie team :eek:


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Being originally from I feel sad to the level of corrpution we have in the country today. People may not be knowing, India had hosted such events earlier Asiad and CommonWealth Youth and both the events were flawless. Interestingly the same IOC head (Kalmadi) who is held responsible or this mess, had successfully executed earlier events and was highly praised for the success. Generally speaking he is also one of the better and cleaner politicians we have in the country. Don't know what went wrong this time


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From what I have heard CommonWealth Youth were a disaster though I have no personal memory of that event.

And Asiad were managed by Rajiv Gandhi. Son of the then PM Indira Gandhi and of course a future PM of India.

I have no liking for Rahul Gandhi but he should have been the one responsible for managing these games.

His surname would have ensured that there were no mismanagement in any aspect of the contracts and their implementation.


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Commonwealth Youth were hosted in my city :) overall they were success.

The difference I see, is earlier events were hosted in in constituency of the politicians who were responsible for the game where they have direct control over local muncipal bodies etc. This time its totally difference I wonder if this guy knew anyone in Delhi except Gandhi family


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He is the president of the Indian Olympic Association, Asian Athletics Association, and Athletics Federation of India.

he is a veteran. though not a very trustworthy guy. there was a report in a national newspaper on how all the senior posts in the organizing committe was held by people who were close to him and not known to be administrators. this guy is definitely a tool.