Common monitor resolutions in use today.


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The requirements for mobile users are a lot more complex than just resolution.

Any site with a large percentage of mobile users should have a very simple theme that scales beautifully, available for those users. Quite a separate issue to small resolution per se.


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Whoa, if I correctly read that, by having a 1920x1200 resolution I am in the 1.04%. I love having all this space for several documents opened up and arranged side by side. I would cry if I have to go back to one document on screen at a time.


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I use 1920 x 1080 but only because my PC is hooked up to my plasma and I don't need separate profiles to use either one.

If not for that I would have gone for 1920 x 1200.

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I have alot of 1024 x 768 monitors. They aren't small at all.
You don't want the monitors too large when your workstation has 2-4 monitors + a Tablet !


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At one point I ran 3 Sony Bravia 40 '' @1920x1080 but frankly the room my main rig is in already is offset by 20 degrees compared to the rest of my house. so I decided on going back to one 40" at 1920x1080 and a smaller monitor that I use when I need a second one to look at things in different resolutions or have a screen for notes and reminders. I use the other 2 40" monitors in a different room currently, also at 1920x1080 for music creation and to live monitor my booth. I find that when creating music you absolutely need more than one monitor in order to see all of your audio hardware emulation and music creation software even more importantly when you have the need to make changes constantly in real-time. In this situation, the more pixels the better.

Most of the reason that the primary resolution I use is 1920x1080 is because full hd programming is that resolution and I want video to look good full screen without any scaling and without having to add black bars and without having to cut off any of the top or bottom of the video. Because of these when I look at any desktop resolution less than 1920x1080...I start feeling claustrophobic.