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******* - Comment Each Post [Paid] [Deleted]

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******* submitted a new resource:

******* - Comment Each Post - This add-on allows to extent a lot of features which are not shown in the normal comment.

If you feel boring with the default comment of XenForo, we would like to introduce to you a new add-on of extension a comment in XenForo system.

Besides the main features of comments for an user like: permission to like, post, edit comment, we also support other features like: Daily comments limit,Time limit on editing/deleting own comments, View attachments to comments, Upload attachments to comments.

Otherwise, the administrator or moderator...
Read more about this resource...

Carla Birch

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The uploading of attachments to comments does not seem to work.

I press the upload a file button that displays next to the post a comment button under the comment editor and the images get added to the main editor at the bottom, at first i thinked it was not uploading to i scrolled down the page and spotted them at the very bottom.

Carla Birch

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@******* a few more errors.
1) You don't get a alert if a users posts a comment on your post within a thread.
2) Only the thread starter gets alerts on new comments made to posts & they show up blank.
3) If you tag people in comments using @ they get a blank alert.

Carla Birch

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@******* 1 more, clicking the warn link on comments to warn a user takes you to a page with "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." Confirmed that "Give warnings on comments:" is set to allow also.
Many thanks and happy xmas and new years back to you :)

Mike Edge

Formerly Da Bookie Mon
Your request features are available at 1.0.0 version. Please see on the screenshot to have a look for this add-on.

I saw this.. "Display comments in Newsfeed & recent activity" but what I mean is ability to comment in the recent activity.. Sort of like Facebook Timeline.

Carla Birch

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@******* when a comment gets edited it shows the "History" link under the comment, but clicking on that gives a error "The following error occurred: You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action".
I also don't see any permission settings to control it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 15.13.43.png


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******* said:
Dear SoeHoe,

Thanks for your submitting inquiry. I would like to confirm with you that Post Comments is Borbole’s product which already acquired by us. Before acquired, we already have a similar product “ Comment Each Post" on ******* shop (Check it at: https://*******.com/resources/comment-each-post.201/). We recommend you to use ******* product for supporting and updating service.

We do not update Post Comments anymore and just support for the customers who have already bought it. In case you still want to buy this product, all transaction will be usual and we notice you that the version you purchase is the last version of this product.

For your confused with comments position, i can confirm with you that with Comment Each Post you can easily to shift comments block to the right side of the post by doing a small tweak on style.

We hope you will find these terms satisfactory and look forward to the pleasure of your order.

Best regards,
Please fixed my problem as i told you 3 days ago. I bought it because you confirm that you can. It is hard to contact you, even by ticket or through support forum.


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once again... Please check these issues:

1. User allowed to type as much characters as he wants but when submitting the comment an overlay occurs, said: "no more than 140 characters." If you wan't allow more than 140 characters then please also make limitation in the textbox so the user will not allow to type more than 140 characters. It will be better if you may put "counter down" while user is typing so he may considers it.
2. Avatar shown above textbox while typing.
3. Watch Post/Unwatch Post. What is this? You never explain about this feature in the overview. How to remove this link?
4. Spaces as explained in the picture. Please fixed it.

This pictures will explain clearer for you:

comment each post 2.png

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