Comet Panstarrs


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**sigh** By the time I remembered to grab the camera and head out of the city to get some shots, it was too late.

Great photos, Steve. (You lucky bastage you!)


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Love the second one! How long of an exposure is the first one? Looks like it was starting to "star trail" a bit. Nice Photos tho!
The 2nd one is gorgeous. First one looks a little blurred near the moon and stars (Not sure if it's supposed to look like that).

As for the first shot, that is normal when using a telephoto and multi-second exposure. Believe it or not, the Earth moves enough in 10-15 seconds to cause star trails in photos.


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Nicely done Steve, especially the second one in the OP.

I did look for this here in the UK with a view to taking some photos, I saw the beautiful new moon with earthshine, but could not locate the comet due to some cloud :(


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Very cool pictures.

I'd planned to watch this one a bit more closely, but so far almost no luck with the weather over here + I live near a major city, so there is some significant light pollution, making it difficult to observe near-horizon objects.

Maybe more luck later this with this one.
Even though I got those shots, I couldn't see the comet with my naked eye. My wife could, but I needed the binoculars to see it.

Comet ISON is going to be much brighter and higher up in the sky. I'm really looking forward to that one.


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Those are pretty awesome snaps :) Saw your Photography link on signature some great snaps you got there . I am still on my basic level trying to learn some photography .