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Combining tabs and unique id question


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I developed an addon that has three types of data, users, games and trophies.

Right now you can navigate to users by psn-user/id and games by psn-game/id and I created two seperate tabs.

Is it possible to have both of those connected to the same tab with psn-users being the default and psn-games being a sub-link?

Currently trophies cannot be directly navigated. They are also identified by a game_id and a trophy_id to form their unique id. Should I just add a unique autoincrement column as well to make it easier? I was working on the admin side and I wanted to list all the trophies so I can edit them (just like editing users).

It seems I can bypass xenforo's default url structure to do psn-game/game_id/trophy_id and that would allow me to not have to create a separate tab.

Right now I'm trying to reduce the number of tabs.

Here is my addon in action. http://psvitaforum.com/psn-users/, http://psvitaforum.com/psn-games/

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
To assign those pages to a different tab requires editing the route handler. Code example:


Or you can use this addon:


The latest 1.1.3 update supports changes to tab assignments via link-forums. So you would create two link-forums under the same parent node which is a tab. Or one link-forum can be the parent and the other a child, and the parent link-forum can be made a tab. Once that is done then you can remove the old tabs with CSS using the tabids. Code example:


However, your custom style is missing the tabids. You need to fix this in your navigation template before this CSS will work: