Coloured staff names not showing in Member's Online Now list


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I have installed the "Today's Visitors" mod and coloured staff/user groups (some are moderators or admins, some are not) are displaying on this block but NOT on the "Member's Online Now" list. I want the coloured usergroups to display on the "Member's Online Now" list also.

You will see below:

Any ideas?


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Thanks again Jake!

That page will need to be updated, as the code is slightly different, and will not allow the user to find a match as it is.

My new code is as follows (tested and working):

class="username{xen:if '!{$user.visible}', ' invisible'}{xen:if {$user.followed}, ' followed'}">{xen:helper richUserName, $user}</a><xen:if is="{$i} < {$onlineUsers.limit}">,</xen:if>