XF 2.2 Color wont change


I have been trying so much so change a color on Xenforo and no matter what I do it doesn't change.

as you can see, I've made it all black, but that grey stays there no matter what I try. https://prnt.sc/vfswa7

I've tried Apperance > Theme > Basic Colors and Color Palatte....nothing changes it

everything looks like I want it except for all this massive grey https://prnt.sc/vfsx2g

Where is the area I can edit this color at? or at least a code for extra.less to force it upon. The color I wanna make it is #0a0a0a

Brad Padgett

Well-known member
Either that or you could add this to extra.less

.p-body {
background: #0a0a0a !important;

That's the area for the body background. I doubt you need the !important flag but I added it just in case.