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Hello there,
So I am not new to xF or forums for that matter however haven't been involved for 18 months or so and was hoping that someone here could possibly assist me.

I have been entrusted with creating a website and members forum for the Australasian Horror Writers Association - aimed at supporting Australasian horror and dark fiction authors, artists, illustrators etc.

We, today installed xF and spent about $600 on addons that we wanted to get the ball rolling with our project. This has included Credits Core and Credits Shop from ThemeHouse.

There is one thing we'd love to do and if anyone has any suggestions etc out there it would be greatly appreciated. In the Credits Shop we'd love to have 'collectable' cards. For example with our talented bunch we'd love to create say 52 'collector cards' all based on our authors stories, or illustrators works with some being common, and others being rare collectables.

Ideally we'd love for members to be able to purchase 'packs' and receive four or five cards in the hope of gaining all of the rare cards.

Is there anything like this currently available anywhere? Or does anyone have any ideas of how we can make the store system interactive and encouraging people to use?

Thank you all in advance.


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DragonByte Shop combined with DragonByte Credits by @DragonByte Tech can do a lot of what you're after, definitely worth a look:

The shop has inventory functionality (which members can self-manage and also visible on user profiles). The closest you can get with the "packs" is lotteries, and setup prizes for those that win lotteries..Members can also trade items/credits with each other..

The only issue is you've already invested in Credits Core/Shop with ThemeHouse which is a different system altogether..