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Yesterday I decided to buy plugins and

I added my domain to his store using the api key xenforo, first paid 2550 rubles (approximately $ 35) to the store’s internal balance and purchased the First statistics pro 1.0.2 plug-in, after that I paid 2200 rubles (approximately $ 30) and wanted to buy a second plug-in Live forum statistics 1.0.6a, but the purchase was refused because the seller blacklisted me for a far-fetched reason, as if I had previously leaked its plug-in from my website to the network. I then asked to return the money to me, the seller for the first plug-in returned the money to the internal account of his own site, where I understand that he and the Admin and Moderator and the Seller (three in one) and wrote that from the store to return the money back to QIWI, can not. I sent the money specifically to the QIWI wallet with his nickname Sergey R and the money is there and those who support the QIWI wallet told me that there are no problems with the refund. The seller writes some nonsense to me that they cannot return money from the internal account of the site. Well, this is a fool's understanding that there is no money on the site itself and it cannot be, the usual plug-in is worth the internal currency. But the fact that the seller allegedly can’t make a refund is complete nonsense.

Please oblige the seller 021 ( to return me 4,750 rubles (approximately $ 65)

Вчера решил купить плагины и
Добавил на его магазин свой домен по api ключу xenforo, оплатил на внутренней баланс магазина вначале 2550 рублей (примерно 35$) и приобрел плагин First statistics pro 1.0.2 после этого еще оплатил на внутренней счет магазина 2200 рублей (примерно 30$) и хотел приобрести второй плагин Live forum statistics 1.0.6a но в покупке было отказано так как продавец внес меня в черный список по надуманной причине, якобы я раньше слил его плагин со своего сайта в сеть. Я попросил тогда вернуть мне денежные средства, продавец за первый плагин деньги вернул на внутренний счет своего же сайта, где я как понимаю он и Админ и Модератор и Продавец, (три в одном) и написал, что из магазина вернуть деньги назад на КИВИ, не может. Деньги я отправлял конкретно на кошелек КИВИ на его ник Сергей Р и деньги лежат именно там и тех поддержка кошелька КИВИ мне сказали, что никаких проблем с возвратом средств нету. Продавец мне какую-то ерунду пишет, что деньги с внутреннего счета сайта вернуть не могут. Ну так это и дураку понятно, что на самом сайте денег нет и быть не может, там обычный плагин стоит внутренней валюты. А вот то что продавец якобы не можешь сделать возврат, это полный бред.
Прошу обязать продавца 021 ( вернуть мне в сумме 4750 рублей (примерно 65$)
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@Brogan, @Chris D, @Mike, @Kier Tell me please, will it be decided on this topic? And then on your site there is a fraudster with his sales topics and you do not respond.

@Brogan, @Chris D, @Mike, @Kier Скажите пожалуйста, будет ли решен по данной теме? А то на вашем сайте находиться мошенник со своими темами продаж а Вы не реагируете.
We're unable to get involved in such disputes between members but, indeed, @021 and you should attempt to resolve the issue between you.

If you're unable to come to an amicable agreement you should attempt to get your money back through the payment processor.
QIWI payment system writes that he does not have problems with the return, if he cheated and is not going to return the money, then you need to write a statement to the police. Which for me is not acceptable for personal reasons. Therefore, I ASK YOU to help resolve this issue. I am sure that with your good reputation, there is no place on the forum for deceivers and scammers, otherwise they will spoil the reputation of your site.

Система платежей QIWI пишет, что проблем с возвратом нету у него, если он обманул и не собирается возвращать деньги, то надо писать заявление в полицию. Что для меня не приемлемо по личным соображениям. Поэтому я и ПРОШУ ВАС помочь решить этот вопрос. Я уверен, что с Вашей хорошей репутацией, не место на форуме обманщикам и мошенникам, иначе они будут портить репутацию Вашего сайта.
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This isn't something XenForo can handle. Its a business between you and @021
You cannot ask third parties for help with a personal problem with a seller.
But how is it that you, on your service, allow you to advertise and sell to all sorts of scammers and knowing about it, you do not react and do not cut it. So any fraudster can advertise on your site and deceive people?

Да как же это, Вы у себя на сервисе разрешаете размещать рекламу и продажи всяким мошенникам и зная об этом, вы не реагируете и никак не присекаете это. Значит любой мошенник может размещать рекламу на вашем ресурсе и обманывать людей?

His copy of my add-on (which is not for sale here) has been published. He denies his guilt and refuses to pay a fine. I have evidence that this is a copy of it and I can provide it to the administration.

This happened before the launch of my site, so I could not immediately add it to the blacklist of sales. After I saw that he purchased one of my add-ons on the site (it is not for sale here either), I blocked new purchases of my add-ons for him, but left the license for the add-on he had already purchased.

He downloaded the add-on, installed it and asked for a refund. I made a refund to him internal account and canceled the license. After returning funds to the internal account, he did not delete the add-on and continued to use it.

He wants to receive a refund for replenishing the internal balance, which I refuse to do due to inadequate user behavior, the use of the nulled versions of my add-ons, and the publication of my add-ons. If he wants to resolve this issue, let him turn to the support of the payment system and let them oblige me to return the funds legally.

At the moment, this person is doing a DDoS attack on my site.

In any case, in this forum I do not indicate services related to your problem and do not understand why this thread was created here.

Thanks for attention.❤
The responses so far have aptly demonstrated that we wouldn't be in possession of all of the facts to be able to get involved one way or another.

I would encourage you both to work together in private to come to an amicable solution that is satisfactory for you both, but I don't think that particularly needs to be aired in public.
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