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Syntax Highlighting in XF2 uses PrismJS, there are several themes for it available @ https://github.com/PrismJS/prism-themes

I'm a nub, but from what I can see, there is no simple way to import these into XF2 because of how PrismJS is implemented, not as simple as shown in the link above:
<link href="themes/prism-ghcolors.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Is there any simple way to use these themes without doing what I show you below?

I'm using ThemeHouse UI.X 2 Dark and was able to implement the Xonokai theme and it looks quite nice, here's what you do:

Open extra.less and add this to the bottom:
//Xonokai dark theme code blocks
.bbCodeBlock--code .bbCodeBlock-content {
    background-color: #2a2a2a;
    color: #f5f5f5;

    .prism-token {
        &.prism-namespace {
            opacity: .7;
        &.prism-constant {
            color: #e6d06c;
        &.prism-cdata {
            color: #6f705e;
        &.prism-boolean {
            color: #a77afe;
        &.prism-number {
            color: #e6d06c;
        .language-css &.prism-string,
        .style &.prism-string {
            color: #e6d06c;
        &.prism-inserted {
            color: #a6e22d;
        &.prism-function {
            color: #a6e22d;
        &.prism-deleted {
            color: #ef3b7d;
        &.prism-statement {
            color: #76d9e6;
        &.prism-variable {
            color: #fff;
        &.prism-bold {
            font-weight: bold;
        &.prism-punctuation {
            color: #bebec5;
        &.prism-entity {
            cursor: help;
        &.prism-italic {
            font-style: italic;

Looks like this on my board:

Worthy of a resource?
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Thanks for that example. I did a template modification to append Prism colour mods to bb_code.less as that is where Prism styles are defined.
XenForo default bb_code.less actually applies a light theme or dark theme to Prism based on your style @xf-styleType.
However most dark style are still marked as light since that flag does a bunch of stuff that are unpractical for dark style anyway, like reversing the behaviour of some of those colour mixing macros/functions.

I just extracted the tokens styles from https://github.com/PrismJS/prism-themes/blob/master/themes/prism-vsc-dark-plus.css
Then did a search and replace "." to ".prism-" which worked great except for the namespace opacity at top which was easy to fix.
Then just happen the result to that bb_code.less template as explained above.
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