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CMF Threads - Thread Tweaks and Nested Comments

CMF Threads - Thread Tweaks and Nested Comments [Paid] 1.0.1

No permission to buy (£30.00)
Its not highly modified. I am using a theme from Audentio, Reneue and have only changed the colors. I am running some tests now with the default theme to see if I can trigger it that way. If I do I will post again.

leslie dow

Active member
Thanks and no update on the strange bug I reported. Apparently, all it took to scare it away was to tattle on it. 0.o

New question...
I was wondering if there is a way to change the default font size for the nested comments, other than editing the style? I'd like the comment default to a larger size.


Well-known member
I doubt this is possible but I'll ask anyway - is there a way to set it so that the thread author's replies to the original post are NOT nested, but all replies from other members are nested? This way it looks like all of the thread author's replies are emphasized?


Active member
I just found this addon. It looks perfect for our needs. However, It is unmaintained. So I wanted to ask you, how are your current experiences with XF1.5. @leslie dow - I also use a style from Audentio. Does that work with cmf style?

leslie dow

Active member
@rhodes I do really like it and my users love it. It's working perfectly for me with 1.5x, but I have been told it will not be updated to support 2.x.
I use the Reneue style from Audentio. You can see how it works on my board: savvyauthors.com. We offer paid online classes so most of our site is not publicly accessible, but there are forums on the front page that are. Happy to answer any specific questions you have.
@rhodes, Thank you for the bug report.
As I found that you are using profile post comment template and disable bbcodes is enabled.
To fix this issue you can edit cmf_thread_message_simple_comment template
{xen:if {$message.disableBbCodes}, {xen:helper bodyText,
replace with
{xen:if {$message.disableBbCodes}, {xen:string nl2br,