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I know that I had problems (even correctly configured) when I used it - that's how I found all the little tweaks. Of course, this was their "free" version. All I use them now for is some pointless WP blogs for DNS. :p
I'm only using their free plan :)
I consume 100GB+ per month.
Btw, What's your problem recently?
Do not forget to route your mail through a third party when you have your new IP. Consider things like not sending e-mail notifications from the new IP until you arrange a third party mail solution.

Cloud flare wont handle your mail so when some one registers they get an e-mail straight from your own IP and you expose yourself for another potential attack on your new IP. I am not sure about incapsula.
I have used Cloudflare extensively over the years and even paid for the full enterprise railgun to see how that went but I only use them for DNS now. They simply couldn't diagnose the faults that occurred only when routed through them, they told me they couldnt log it so I built a workaround myself to find a staggering amount of people having issues connecting to us. DNS has been rock solid, everything else though had issues.
I have had to deal with DDOS in the past (and have used cloudflare on occasion during ddos) so if you want any pointers etc drop me a PM.