Add-on [CLOSED] Import API/JSON to create a widget for sidebar


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I am after a Developer to create a widget for my forum.

The contents comes from coinmarketcap and is located at

Refresh can be every 10 minutes or on your advice.
Suggestions on performance etc is also much appreciated
The coin is NOT Doge and is only an example
Price should be negotiable and payment can be done 50/50 or via escrow

I need it to display: (Rounded to 6 decimal places)
  • Position
  • MarketCap
  • BTC Price
  • USD Price
  • GBP Price
  • Euro Price

We used a free widget at but it was very slow and we had to remove it due to the slow loading.
The task has been issued out and I thank everyone for contacting me.
I will list a few more dev jobs with the next 24 hours.

On price, timeframe and quality of work, I will hopefully have a "go to" person that I can communicate with and offer all subsequent tasks without listing them.

Again, thankyou to everyone who submitted a quote ...
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