CLI Job Runner for XF 2.2

CLI Job Runner for XF 2.2 2.0.0b3

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Sim submitted a new resource:

CLI Job Runner for XF 2.2 - An advanced CLI triggered job runner for Unix cron with extensive debugging support

This XenForo 2.2 addon implements an advanced CLI triggered job runner for use with Unix cron as a replacement for the built-in xf:run-jobs command introduced in XF 2.2

The command is called hg:run-jobs and does the same thing that xf:run-jobs does, but with more options and functionality.


This addon requires PHP 7.0 or higher and has been tested on XenForo 2.2.0 beta 1


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Sim updated CLI Job Runner for XF 2.2 with a new update entry:

v2.0.0b3 update - contains breaking changes!

v2.2.0b3 makes some back-end changes to the way we manage the lock files and fixes an issue where long running jobs could see multiple job runners executing at the same time.

This version has also been updated to more closely match some of the structure and options for the core job runner included in XF 2.2

Note breaking change: the --time option has been renamed --max-execution-time inline with the options provided by the XF2.2 core job runner.


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