CKEditor How?


Hi :0)

I've been trying to figure this editor but I am not very experience with it and the CKEditor community is dead :/ But i really love this editor but few issues i have. I've tried the yahoo editor and it had issues, didn't like redactor nor tinymce

If anyone tried it before, is it possible to add custom fonts like let say "Sans-serif, roboto etc.." to the editor? meaning upload custom fonts and add it to the editor. We've tried several suggestions via Google but non work.

This is how it currently looks on my private project.


But i have few issues like the magnifying glass opens in a new browser window. But i actually like to find a way to have it open in a pop up like how VB made it. They aren't telling their secrets :<

1. I'd like to find a way on how they edited the magnifying glass:


2. They also figured a way for the mouse to right click in order to paste what you copied but on the actual demo, you have this weird pop up box if you try to paste

3. Another issue i had, i didn't know how to strip/remove the txt "Source" ex and leave just the icon. On Vb they were able to do it to save more space for other button functions

It would be really helpful if some can help me with this. Also this might be a guide for others who like to use it. I searched Google a lot and not many topics talked about these or found a solution.