chrome's dropdown - extra space is annoying ? A spot for ads ?

Digital Doctor

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See the white space to the right and left of the dropdown ?
I think that is new.
Is it ?
I figure that space will have google ads in it soon.
Has it always been there ?


XenForo moderator
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I doubt it.

It matches the width of the address bar so if you have minimal icons (like me), there is very little space on either side.


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I believe it is a bug on some systems, I've seen it on my work computer but not my home computer (same Chrome version). I seriously doubt its for ads.

Digital Doctor

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I'm talking about this area

The dropdown for the address bar goes much further left than the beginning of the address bar.

The red area is new.
I think !

Adam Howard

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Chromium - It's what Google Chrome is built off of. Think you'll be happier there if you're not happy with Google's take on things.

As for your ad theory....:whistle:

Digital Doctor

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Lots of people don't like it


This change is By design:

This change the native omnibox to look and behave a bit more like the HTML Instant Extended one.

The popup positioning logic now has to be done at a bit of a higher level since it needs to know the window width as well as just the omnibox width. I added a new function in LocationBar::Delegate to get this that's implemented by the toolbar view (the lowest-level UI component that knows about the window width as well as the omnibox width).

More information must now be passed to the popup, so I added a new OmniboxViewDelegate that's implemented by the LocationBar to give the popup its context. This cleaned up some dependencies where the popup had to know about the location bar and did things silly things like this: