Implemented Child Skin Export - Option of Independence


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Hello :)

I have just discovered that Styles that are Children of other skins do not retain the Parent style attributes on export, and forever need to be dependent on the Parent skin to display correctly.

I would like to suggest that there be the option to export the skin/style/theme one of two ways..

1. Export with the parent skin attributes AND any additional customisations - making the skin independent and self supporting!
2. Export as a child skin with only the changes made manually to the child skin. - making it a child skin forever.

Thanking you for reading this suggestion, hoping for it to be implimented! :)
incredibly useful.

I normally skin with many parents on my test board so I can have certain template edits affect many styles. Exporting as independent would make it much easier to have the style imported into my main site.


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Yes, I would also like to see this. I've just coded a template only to find I can't export it properly, so I'm having to re-do it manually.


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Unless its been announced or marked as implemented, its still an open the suggestion that may or may not be on the table.