XF 1.5 Checking the poster's usergroup condition in a custom css.



I'm using an addon (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/bbcodes-buttons-manager.1731/), to customize my bbcodes, and load custom css with It.
It seems to work fine, but the permission system is still not the thing that I'm looking for.
The css template gets called when the bbcodes are being parsed.

I have this code:
<xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $visitor, 4}">
    stuff to display for members of user_group_id 4
I'm trying to display the CSS code only If the POSTER of the message has a specified usergroup.
Obviously the $visitor wouldn't work for this, and I really need to solve this problem.

I can also switch back to the original xenforo custom bbcode way if anyone has ideas for It.


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Don't do such checks in css, do it in html templates. Stylesheet is not refreshed when you logout/login.