Check if visitor is logged in from outside of forum


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I'm working on a portion of our main site, and it would be awesome if I could show some different content to users who are logged in on our forums (in a sub folder of our main site).

Could someone please point me in the right direction, to some documentation of the authentication process, or any docs on checking the logged in state of users from outside of the forum.

I have direct database and cookie / session access, so I'd prefer to write my own compact script.



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Is this written in PHP? I would be rather easy to instantiate the XenForo framework and then use XenForo_Visitor in your scripts.


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Yeah, we're using php for the main site too. I'll google creating an istance of the framework and checking out thexeforo_vistior.

Thanks for the heads up!

A lot of people use xenforo, but I've been finding it hard to get my google-fu to turn up useful developer info.