Check Existence of Add-on/Option Definition in Template Syntax


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My style is currently split up into multiple EXTRA.css files for clarity. However, I've also realised that doing that allows me to check for style property settings before including the CSS - for example, I have a "large avatars" option that's toggled by a style property:
/* Optional: Large Avatars on Posts */
<xen:if is="@largeAvatars">
    <xen:include template="EXTRA_largeavatars.css" />

What I would love, though, is to be able to do the same to check the presence of an add-on - XenPorta, Responsive Design, User Online Status, etcetera. Is there the ability to check for whether an addon exists in template syntax, or alternately check the value of an option? For example: [RT] Status Online Ribbon has a displayOnlineLocation setting in Options. If that exists, I need to modify the CSS slightly to make it work with my large avatar hack.

If I can check whether that setting exists/is set, I can include my hack for the addon if it exists, and leave it out if it isn't. The main reason I'm interested is because I have several thousand lines of custom CSS - and serving (for example) XenPorta styles when the user doesn't have XenPorta installed seems like a waste of bandwidth - and thus, precious loading time.
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