Cheap places to keep domain names (I'm not trading/selling)


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Just asking, just in case there is someone in a similar situation here

I've started to build up a list of good domain names that I own
This was more done accidentally rather than on purpose, I bought them with the intention of working on them and haven't gotten round to using them all yet

Obviously I'm not going to work on all of them, so I've started to sell them and wait for good bids (on sites like Sedo).

The problem is, it costs a bit to keep them (not much compared to the offers I sometimes get)

I'm currently using Omins for my .com and domain names, and I'm charged:
~ $8.95 per year for my .com 's
~ $14.95 per year for my 's

I've acutally started to get hooked on buying and selling domain names.

So, my question is:
Does anyone do a similar thing, and who are the best (cheapest) domain name registrars to keep ~ 100 domain names (not to register, but to actually keep them for several years, many registrars register a domain name cheep, and then increase the price the next year just to keep it for you, so the costs are often hidden)

I found this list, but they all say the price of registration (first year) and not the price of keeping the domain names:
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