Add-on Chat Addon - Mashup of Facebook + Steam Group Chat


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So I am wondering if something like this would even be possible to get developed on the Xenforo platform.

I run a gaming forum that does not focus on a specific game and instead, a wide variety. I was thinking having a mashup of facebook chat and steam group chat would be interesting and beneficial to my community.

Steam Group chat is where you can join a group and each group has a dedicated chat channel which you can join and do text and voice chat. Example group (there is a join chat button on the page)

Facebook Chat is where you can start a live chat session between yourself and a friend. The chat is stickied to the footer and blinks when a new chat msg is sent. You can begin a chat with a friend.

Would it be possible to have an addon where you can begin a live chat session with any user who follows you (to limit spam) and it becomes stickied at the bottom to the site footer. Similar to facebook, the chat would blink when a new msg arrives and shows the online status of both users.

Group chat would have dedicated chat channels which users can join with a group chat moderators/owner. Group chat message of the day/rules.
Possibly voice chat integration?
Depending on group perms, anyone can start a channel and it stays reserved until deleted meaning even if no one is in channel it will still work.
*Possibly integrate with @Waindigo social groups addon to allow each social group their own group chat channel with the mods/owner of the social group mirror in the chat channel and the chat channel's icon the same as the social group's

Chat would be accessible by floating mini bar in bottom right corner like facebook or google+

So... what would be the possibility of having this? I know having live data is pretty complex (?) but I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested and if any developer might be interested.