XF 1.5 Character Limit - Usergroups


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Wondering if there is any way to set a message character limit on a user or usergroup basis? We have one single member who's text walls are becoming a problem.

Appreciate any advice.


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Please clarify, what does the member do? What would you like the add-on to do?

He posts giant text walls in an attempt to get people to not bother reading, to attempt to win a discussion/argument he's involved in. On the other hand, we have members who post very large posts on the subject matter of our site, which are well received, so we don't wish to limit it overall.

It would be nice to dump him in a group with a message limit of say, 4000, while everyone else board wide gets 10,000 as default.


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Why not just put him on moderation if it's an issue (warning him about post lengths first if you haven't already)? You can then only approve suitable posts until he gets the message.

Also don't forget that users can individually use the ignore function if his posts bother them and then they won't see them.