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I guess that a lot of less nerdy people have a big problem with all that navigation links we offer them.
There is no real system inside, we have a main navi, a second navi, sometimes a third navi. With the third navi we jump around to this or that main navi, but not to all. Sometimes we jump from the third navi to a page without that third navi, while it makes sense to have the third navi on all these pages we adress with that navi.

Somehow it looks like a grown thing, not like a planed thing.

Finally i have tried to make a system in a test forum like that.

1. Forums
New posts => 3. No third navi, just new posts
Find threads (menu) > yours, with your posts, not answered => 3. all three have the same 3. navi with themself
Watched (menu)=> 3. watched threads, watched forums, both with 3. navi and themself

1. Resources
New res => no 3. navi*
new revs => no 3. navi*
your res => no 3. navi*
watched res (menu) => watched res, watch cats => 3. both with 3. navi and themself
* maybe add 3. navi with themself

1. User
you follow **
followers **

* maybe add 3. navi with themself
** maybe add 3. navi with themself

In this system we have a main navi 1)

Main navi has 2. navi

Some of the 2. navi have a menu, arrow down, selectable

The selectable 2. navis have a third navi for less clicks

*** Some of the single 2. navi items could have a 3. navi with themself

Maybe some people will miss a "faster" click from new posts to new resources or other links.
This system is straight, logical and makes sense. There is a real system now and no jumping around between main tabs. Also there are no pages added to the thrid navi of other pages, but without a 3. navi for themself.

Maybe there are one or two other users who like more system for the navigation instead of jumping around like now?

When i am in the world of forum, i have links in this world only.
When i am in the world of resources, i have links in this world only.
When i am in the world of users, i have links in this world only. Activity and newsfeed are parts of the user world also follow and followers (if this is an more important part than in most forums)

The /whats-new/ has no links nowhere. If someone choose the direct link, it shows now only the third navi with

new posts | new res | new revs

(i dont have profile posts in this example)
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