Changing usergroup at registration


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Does anyone know how you'd do this in XF? With another forum software, there was a hook after the user responded to the email confirmation, and I split off there, did a query, changed the usergroup based on the query results.

I'm not really sure where to start with something like this in XF.


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Do you mean add new members to a secondary usergroup? If so...

Create a new user group, and then create a new user group promotion for the newly created group. For the user group promotion select apply this promotion when user state is valid under the privileges and status area.


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To follow on from the previous post, the permissions system has been designed to work with all members being in the Registered user group as the primary.

What are you trying to do exactly, and why?


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No, I'm trying to change the primary usergroup at registration for some users.


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Getting closer...

I looked into the user promotion suggestion. Two small issues w/that. My existing vB database is sort of the inverse of that, so it would take more work to shuffle the permissions around. There's also no user promotion for DOB.

What I have now is a query that checks to see if a user is under 18 years old based on their registration DOB. If they are, it changes their primary usergroup. Then I've got a cron job that runs after midnight, looking for anyone in the <18 group that has just had a birthday and moving them to the regular registered usergroup.

The cron script is easy. I don't know how/where to interface with xf to change the usergroup in the first place.