XF 1.1 Changing Trophy Criteria / Users who already Earned the Trophy


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I'd like to create a, "loyalty" trophy awarded to all my forum members who will have registered before my site's anniversary, in about a week. Rather than mass-adding a new hidden custom field, I'd like to just create the trophy, have it apply to all registered, temporarily suspend the login requirement by editing the cron so everyone earns the trophy at one, and then change the trophy requirements so that no one can auto-earn the trophy.

My question is, by doing that, will that remove the trophy from all those I just gave the trophy to the next time the cron is run, or rather is it a, "once you met the requirements once it's your forever" approach to trophies?

PS: If someone could change that "Laready" to "Already" in the thread title, it would be much appreciated. Never post without a good dose of caffeine. :coffee:
Since this is a special event, why not create a special group for this, set up a promotion and disable that promotion after the date. Then you can use that group as the base of promotion.
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