Changing the inital color on new alerts/pc's


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On the drop down box assuming you get a new alert/PC, where in the world do you change the beige color? I know the color palette would correct it but I'm looking for the specific spot either in style properties or the css.

The beige is on there for a short time then fades to the original color.


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Haven't tried changing, but looking at the code the initial background color is sourced from:
Rich (BB code):
Edit: Scratch that. Doesn't work.
Try changing the background color for:
.navPopup .listPlaceholder ol.secondaryContent.Unread
(found in navigation.css template)


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It's a style property. Much easier than adding to extra css. Assuming this is what you need, it changes the balloon..
Nope I know the alert baloon, but when the drop down appears, there's an initial color which i didn't see in the style properties.

Thanks Shadab I'll try that.