Changing the font color for this field


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I have looked through every section and am going crazy trying to find where to change the text color for this. It is the only brown in my entire forum :D



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Go into the xenforo_sections.css template and locate the following & make the changes there.

        .textWithCount.subHeading .text
            color: @secondaryDarker;


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I'm guessing this style was changed from a template edit to a css definition on beta 3? I cant seem to change this now. Does anyone know what the new field is to correct the font here?

Jake Bunce

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It's still the same template and code that Shelley posted above. I just tested it on beta 3.


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Thanks, I couldnt figure out what the issue was. I reimported my old b2 style and it lost alot of the properties. I actually had to create a new style in order to get that template adjustment to work :confused: