Changing the Board URL


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I'm replacing a longstanding vBulletin forum with a new XenForo forum, and I'm almost ready to go. This weekend I've imported all of the old vB data, set privileges, established styles, etc. -- all while my old vBulletin forum is closed.

My vBulletin forum lives in a directory called /forums/, and my XenForo forum lives in a directory called /community/. For the sake of everyone's existing links and bookmarks and so on, I want to rename the old vBulletin directory /oldforums/ (and eventually get rid of it), and rename the XenForo directory /forums/.

I see that in "Basic Board Information" I can change the board url.

Can I anticipate any problems doing this? Is there an order in which I should take the two steps involved -- that is (1) changing the url and (2) renaming the directory?

Thanks very much.


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Thanks. Inasmuch as I'm using a shared server, I won't be able to restart. Any thoughts? And how about if I just rename the existing directory where XenForo is already installed, instead of moving the files to a newly named directory?


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Restarting is rarely required; I'm only aware of it being done a few times at most.

Yes, you can rename instead of moving, the end result is the same.