XF 1.5 Changing Home Page & What The URL Looks Like


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Hey, i am having quite a bit of trouble.

What i would like to do is Change my website default loading page from this...
Web Pic 1.png

To this...
Web Pic 2.png

additionally i would also like to change what the URL looks like for this part
Web Pic 3.png

I am just getting a hang this so i would be grateful for your help!
no, you don't need a new directory.
you have to move the content of the "xenforo 1.5.8 xxxx FULL" in the parent directory ( "/" )

p.s. sei italiano?
Okay, let's do it step by step.
Check your folder structure via FTP. You have uploaded the files the following way:

/xenforo_1.5.8_B81AA57A3E_full/upload/*Folders like "install" or "library" in here*

You need to upload only the contents of the upload folder to your FTP, neither "xenforo_1.5.8_B81AA57A3E_full" nor "upload"

At the end, your folder structure in FileZilla should look like this:


and so on...

If you need any further assistance, just send a PM.
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