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Changing forum domain name

Hello everyone,

I've been requested to change my domain name from f1arab.com to something else so I chose formulawahad.com.

I did the 301 redirect and now all OK.

Problem 1) However I have a forum (not subdomain) located at forums.f1arab.com and using A record.

Currently I use forums A
www.forums A

It was working great, but now www.forums.f1arab.com doesn't work while forums.f1arab.com only works. Why is that? (f1arab.com and forums.f1arab.com are hosted on two completely different servers).

Problem 2)

I'm looking to transfer 301 forums.f1arab.com to forums.formulawahad.com (non and with www) how to achieve that with the easiest way to get the links indexed under forums.formulawahad.com?

Thank you!