XF 1.5 Changing dropdown to selected dropdown


So I am doing some custom work on a design that i purchased a while ago but just decided to put a use to.

Long story short what i want to do is replace the secondary menu on an active page
(ie, Forums active, Second menu: http://image.prntscr.com/image/124a834cfa544ad9927b8c5e30a94f33.png)

with a dropdown menu, I want to remove the secondary menu there and have it accessible ONLY through the dropdown menu like this (ie, active Forums page but dropdown on Members, http://image.prntscr.com/image/4ed7b7ccbb194c25b1915ed6386e03ba.png)

So basically (in the second screenshot) get rid of the red (secondary menu on active page) and replace it with the dropmenu menu (green), However i can do that just fine and dandy already. Only issue being that once the page is active you can't access the dropdown menu.

So what i want to do is have say forums page active, but still have access to the forums dropdown menu.

Can anyone provide me the code to enabling dropdown menu's on active pages as well? Not spoonfeeding but i mean just to change the div's to enable dropdown menu's even on an active page.

If you need clarification please ask, It's kind of confusing for me to explain.
- Delete Secondary Menu on active page
- Replace with dropdown menu
- Access dropdown menu on ACTIVE pages (just like it currently is for UNACTIVE pages)

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help :)
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