XF 2.2 Changing domain


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is it possible to change my forums domain?

I know how to handle the license end but what all would I need to do on the forum?

Would I need to move ALL the files in Domain A to New Domain and change the domain in the AdminCP?

Would there be anything else I’m missing? Or doing wrong? Lol


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Depending on your hosting, you should just be able to change the domain in XenForo itself and the server configuration to handle requests for the new domain. You don't need to move files or databases unless you are changing hosts or the host requires the change with your new domain name.

It should be a painless procedure to just change the host & xenforo configuration with the new domain with modern hosting.
If you're using a VPS with Apache, NGINX, etc., just update the configs with the new domain and restart the webserver.

Of course, you'll need to update your DNS as well for the new domain.


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You are probably the most indecisive admin I know! I don't know how many domain names you bought, how many styles you used or forum topics you considered but I wish you find your way soon!! 🙏
Haha you’re right. You’re not wrong there. I hate to admit that. But thanks for pointing that out. That motivates me to want to “stick” with something. I needed that.