XF 2.2 Changing Domain Names


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I am changing domain names and redoing my site from scratch but I need to keep the old site up until the new site has been completed.

Can I run 2 domains from the same license for a few days, probably take me a week to do it?

I can as an option "close one site" down for the week as well but I need to be able to log in and out of it myself. Users dont have to.
You’d want to do that anyway or you’d get some people posting on one site and some posting on the other. Not to mention Google getting duplicate content.

I wouldn’t leave it a week though.
Close the old site which will only allow you (the admin) access.

As above though, you will want to do the move quickly, or you can put the old site behind .htaccess auth which will effectively make it not exist for Google and other crawlers.
What I did was do all my dev work on the closed test site, making very clear instructions for myself of the changes so it was all well rehearsed tested and ready to go. Close site and do revamp test and open,

NB: if it’s a new theme that is super quick just export and import

Switching domains is a matter of copying files and restoring database into new one. Oh, and making sure redirects are in place.

No reason it can’t be done in one morning and seven cups of coffee ☕
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