Changed forum directory to root and now problems

I moved all the files inside /community to the root /public_html

I changed the acp, basic board setting, board url from .com/community to .com as the forum home page.
The admin pages are working fine but the site itself is showing the home page but all the pages are giving a 404 page not found. I am on a shared plan through hostgator and forget about trying to get help from them.
Any help would be grateful.


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Just use the .htaccess file as that is the one which has been in use for the site.

However, if there are any custom rewrite rules in place, that may account for the 404's.

You can check if it's all working as expected by temporarily renaming the .htaccess file and disabling Friendly URLs in the ACP.
The text inside the .htaccess file and the text inside the .htaccess.txt were not the same. I changed the .htaccess file to match the text in this link and it worked.

I changed the .htaccess.txt to match the link above and it didnt do anything. Iam not sure why there are two files that have the same information in them in the same directory with different names.

Thanks Brogan for helping me.