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Changed cPanel password and forums broke...


Active member
Ok... I'm silly wondering about something.

I changed my cPanel password(s), then realized my forum was broken (yeah, I know silly)

Then I changed my database password in the php file, saved it and re-uploaded the file but it didn't work?

I re-opened the php file and noticed the words where all in one row - by default each data entry is spread out on single rows (username, password, database, etc...). The program I used was Notepad++

So for whatever reason, I tried a trick. I re-opened the original php file and changed the password. Then I saved the php file as a text document - uploaded it and re-named it a .php file in FTP program (Filezilla). IT WORKED!

I just don't understand why


Well-known member
The only way I can see that "breaking" your forums is if you changed the MySQL password and XF could no longer access its database.