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changed core files / how to upgrade XF software ?


Well-known member
I have changed 3 .php-files of the core XF-code in order to make my Forum a "Private Community".


according to this:


What happens to those 3 .php-Files when I upgrade to the latest XF-version ?
I am still running XF-version 1.1.1

I am just wondering if those 3 Files will be updated automatically to the new XF-version when I upgrade the software ?

How should I handle this properly ?

Appreciate your advise!


Well-known member
I've done the same, a core edit to add GeoIP, as Brogan says this will be overwritten on upgrade. So I've just kept a copy of the file so I can compare the new and old versions and stick my code back in.

This is always the problem with editing the actual files :)