XF 1.3 Change where your icon is on posts.

Jake Bunce

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Ok, but I want new members to have it but not staff
Staff members are usually in special groups with their own titles:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click a group] -> User Title Override

also, why am I not showing up in the online staff box, my friend does, I am on the account registered as root or whatever
Admin CP -> Users -> Moderators
> Display user as staff

@Jake Bunce On my website, the recent news is appearing on the forums and the main page, I only want it to be on the main page.
That's a XenPorta thing. If memory serves...

Admin CP -> Home -> XenPorta -> Options

Admin CP -> Home -> Layouts

I think there is an option to override the forum list layout in the XenPorta options.