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I am looking to change the style of some text. I have a primary forum with sub-forums beneath it. I have disabled the ability for members to post to the primary forum in an attempt to force people to post to the sub-forums only. The problem is, when I disabled the primary forum, its heading text became greyed out in the list of nodes to post to. I'd like to make that text more prominent again so people don't miss it. As it is, I think people will gloss right over it and not know what the sub-forums relate to.

Here's a screen shot:


I've located the part of code that controls this styling. Here it is:
<div class="block-body">
<div class="block-row block-row--separated">
<div class="contentRow contentRow--alignMiddle is-disabled">
<div class="contentRow-main">
<h2 class="contentRow-title">
Cats &amp; Kittens

And I've created this to place into the extra.less template:
.contentRow.contentRow--alignMiddle.is-disabled h2 {
    color: #000000; font-weight: bold;

I can changed the color of the text and make it bold, but for some reason, I can't seem to make it any darker than the grey that is showing above. I wonder if some sort of opacity setting is being applied. I'd like to get it so it's black and bold. Any suggestions?

This will allow you to style the title and description as you wish.

Add to the extra.less template:

    & a,
    & .node-description
        color: orange ;

Change the node ID as required.
Hi - thank you for this. I applied it and unfortunately, it didn't make any difference. The CSS code I shared above does change the text, but for some reason I can't get it any darker than that medium gray. I tried including an opacity element and I could get it to go lighter, but not darker.

OK, I see what's happening. The code you gave me changed the color of the node on the outside of the site while a user is browsing. What I'm looking to is change the color when a user is posting a new thread. It's the list of threads they choose from I'm trying to affect.
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