XF 1.4 Change secondardy group id to a higher id, is it possible?


I have some secondary groups, one has the id of 5, I would like to change the id to 15 or more.
Is this possible and if so how would I go about doing so?

So if I wanted it to be 15 and I already had up to id 9, I would have to create 6 ids and use the 6th one, is that right?
Why do you need the user group ID to be a specific value?
I have setup a Minecraft server and want it to be limit access to a set usergroup which is group id 5.

So I installed CommunityBridge on the Minecraft server, which check to see if they are a forum member, which works.
However there is no way standard way to limit the user group.
But I have found a work around to use the post limit in CommunityBridge, if I set it to check the secondardy group id in xf_user and that works.

Howevr I have groups 6, 7 and 8 which also can get access, which I don't want.
So I thought if I put the group id for 5 up to 15 it will be work and allow 9 to 14 group ids free, or maybe even higher.

Hopefully this is just a temp fix, till the create of the Minecraft plugin can add the function.