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Change Reply Button Text

Change Reply Button Text


Formerly Noah Betz
ncbetz submitted a new resource:

Change Reply Button Text - Put the quote back in quote


I hate how it says "Reply" where it should say "Quote" (to match "+Quote"). So, this is a quick tutorial (2 minutes) that shows you how to do make these changes.
  1. First, login to your ACP.
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Phrases.
    1. View attachment 138833
  3. Go to the search bar and tick the 'prefix match' box. Search for 'reply' .
    1. View attachment 138835
  4. The phrase that shows up first is the one you need to click on and...
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Much mor simple it would be, if you make a litle language file (XML) for this and all is done. Tutorials abaout phrases can you found since years here. ;)