Lack of interest Change Navigation popup so it removes items in L-to-R order

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If you have, say, 4 items in the navigation submenu bar:
Item One | Item Two | Item Three | Item Four
When the screen width is too narrow to display all the items the responsive design switches to
Item Two | Item Three | Item Four | ...
with "..." being a popup menu holding "Item One".

As it gets narrow more items are removed from the left-hand side. So you get:
Item Three | Item Four | ...
with "..." now hiding "Item One" and "Item Two"

That strikes me as being completely illogical.

Maybe it's just me, but I tend to put the important items on a list first as I read left to right.

So my suggestion is to remove items from the right-hand side first.
Item One | Item Two | ...
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It removes main nav bar items from the right and sub nav bar items from the left, which is correct.

Here for example, the first main item removed is Members and the first sub item removed is Mark Forums Read.

lazy llama

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It was the submenu that I meant.
Why are they different!? They're both left justified menus!
Seems strange to remove right-most items on one level and left-most on the next.

If it was changeable using a template edit I'd be happy, but it's a core XenForo Javascript function so the only way to change it would appear to be to edit that.


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The sub menu has the more important links towards the center.

There was a big discussion about it in the early days.

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Hmm... I must have missed that.

By "towards the center" do you actually mean "towards the right"? If you have lots of submenu items, the "center" items will currently be removed before the items on the far right.

That would explain why one of the most frequently used links, "Reply", is at the far right hand side. With the responsive design it can end up way, way over to the right.

The admin can decide the sub nav order themselves using template edits, but it's a lot more difficult to change this behaviour. It's either hacking the XF JS and re-minifying, or changing what JS gets called.

Anyway, my suggestion stands, though maybe as an option so the admin gets a choice?


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Yes, right to left, which in a default installation is towards the center as there are only a handful of links.