Lack of interest change Menu-Titles in dropdown into Links

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we already have the Menu-Titles in the Menu-dropdown-box as Links, so it is possible to click onto those Titles at the "Account-Tab", at the "Inbox-Tab" and also at the "Alerts-Tab".


Why not also make those Menu-Titles into Links (clickable) for the other Tabs ?

create also Links for the Menu-Titles at the "Forums-Tab", "Members-Tab", Help-Tab" and "Resources-Tab".


Additionally, it would be great if we could easily style those links via CSS in extra.css template, so to make it easier to change the color of those Links.
Currently, it is quite hard to just change the color of those Links as these do not have dedicated CSS-classes........

.concealed, .concealed a, .cloaked, .cloaked a {
    color: inherit !important;
    text-decoration: inherit !important;

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Doesn't seem necessary to me, and it seems pointless to have two links to the same place right next to each other.