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Change Displayed name on this site?

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by Kenson M, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Kenson M

    Kenson M Active Member

    I want to shorten my name to just my first name, or my username I normally use, kcmartz.
  2. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Currently, there is no default option to change your user name, as a user. This is something that I believe is planned for XenForo 1.2

    However.... You can open a ticket and the staff will be able to do so.

    A word of caution though.... This is a privilege and not a right. Respectfully, that means be sure you like the name you pick. Because it is not something the staff will do at a drop of a hat, nor should they.

  3. Rho Delta

    Rho Delta Well-Known Member

    I'd like to do this too, as I sold thepetboard.com and have no affiliation with it any more.

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