Lack of interest Change default selection for category/forum delete


Formerly CyclingTribe
Yesterday, without stopping to check the options shown to me, I managed to delete a whole sub-section of my forums.

"How the hell did you manage that?" you might ask.

Well, I managed to do it because the default selection in XF when deleting forums is .... DELETE children!!!

I realise that now, but it seems to be quite a dangerous default.

I'm therefore proposing a simple change to XF to swap the default to ... "Attach child nodes to another parent".

This will save anyone else accidentally removing a whole section of their forum as I did.

And yes, before anyone jumps in and tells me I should have looked ... I agree ... but it wouldn't have been so easy a mistake to make if the default was NOT to delete everything underneath the cat/forum I was removing.

Shaun :D