XF 2.2 Change banned stuff, like ip's, mails, reasons

Black Tiger

Active member
I've seen all kind of banning options.
Like ban ip address, ban e-mail adresses (also with wildcard).
Ban reasons which can be added.

However, it seems that once submitted, there is no way (except maybe via database edit) to change an adres, ip or reason.

If a typo is made for example or some change is needed, one has to delete that complete part and add it again. I'm not used to that.

Doesn't have Xenforo a way to edit these things?

Black Tiger

Active member
Correct. But I was talking about banned ip's and email addresses.
Admincp -> users -> banned ip adresses and
Admincp -> users -> banned emails

You can only select and export or delete them, not change anything, which is odd imho.