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Change Avatar Size in Message / Postbit Area


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ArnyVee submitted a new resource:

Change Avatar Size in Message / Postbit Area (version 1.0) - It's not the size of the avatar ... okay, maybe it is. :)

For those folks who would like to use the Large version of avatars within the postbit or message area, here's a little tweak that I've used before.

Note: Please keep a backup or detailed notes of your template or style properties before you do the tweaks, just in case :)

STEP 1: You are going to want to change the use of the "m" avatar (m = medium sized) to the "l" avatar (l = large sized). You do that by doing the following...

Go to the template: message_user_info...
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any idea what responsive extra css would be used to make this use the medium avatars when arty's responsive framework kicks in on mobile devices?


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Thats ok the hack is pretty cool it just makes avatars like giant on my phone. Ill see what Arty has to say about it.


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If your using Artys Responsive Design plugin you can place this in Responsive Extra CSS if you want to return the view to default when the responsive framework kicks in.
.messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder span.img.l { {xen:property responsiveMessageAvatarHolderAvatar} }
CSS provided compliments of Arty.