Change all users privacy settings

What would be the database query where I could change all members privacy settings to:

Post messages on your profile page: Members Only

What's happened is I converted from vBulletin where I didn't have users visitor messages switched on, I'm guessing because of that when I moved all users privacy settings have this option unticked. All new users I have the settings sorted, just need to update all the older members.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
A few queries here for you.

UPDATE xf_user_privacy SET allow_view_profile = 'members';
UPDATE xf_user_privacy SET allow_post_profile = 'members';
UPDATE xf_user_privacy SET allow_send_personal_conversation = 'members';
UPDATE xf_user_privacy SET allow_view_identities = 'members';
UPDATE xf_user_privacy SET allow_receive_news_feed = 'members';

Bah! Ninja'ed