XF 1.5 Centering Objects when viewport changes to mobile sizes


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I have been experimenting with fully responsive DFP on our test site before we move the main vb board over and it is looking great so far.

Leaderboard ads look OK in desktop and tablet sized viewports, even if they are a bit off center, and it could stay like that if it has to, but when the page switches to smaller widths and the sidebar collapses, my 300x250 ad is left justified and it looks weird.

Is there any way I can center the ad up there when the sidebar disappears? As well, it would be nice if the logo image could center as well on mobile sizes like I have shown.


How it is now:


How I want it to be:



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I am still looking for a way to center our logo when the viewport size changes to mobile sizes. Has anyone figured out a way to do this yet? I have figured out how to center the ads, but the logo needs to be centered too - but only for mobiles...