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XF 1.5 Center custom image within container.


Active member
I'm having real problems centering a custom image I added into the userinfo container. Its actually starting to bug me as it looks a mess.

I have tried to just add center tags around the image like so: <center><img src="http://www.mysite.com/forum/images/{$value}.png"></center> This doesn't produce any results, I tried also adding center within the atctual image tags again with no success, so I searched around and tried adding...

add a text-align: center to the message user block.
Style Properties -> Message Layout -> User Info Block

Adding it to the miscellaneous field. However that has also proved unsuccessful and with the image still hanging to the right hand side of the container. Can someone please put me out of my misery, everything else within the container is perfect besides this one custom field with the image.


Active member
I'm still having issues with this, on the user container next to posts.

The only way I can get it to center is by making the badge large or the width 165 which is the width of the container but that just makes the badge huge.

This is the code I am displaying.

<img src="/forum/images/{$value}.png" width="100"/>

I have tried adding align="center" tried wrapping<center></center>

<img src="/forum/images/{$value}.png" class="centerImage" alt="what image shows" width="100">

All within the custom field general options so I'm thinking I have to do it elsewhere?